We explore the potential of co-design and other collaborative design methods as tools to develop new spatial strategies. Our goal is to improve social interactions, redefine the culture, and enhance wellbeing, creativity, physical and mental health by transforming the spaces and services in our everyday surroundings. 


We analyse the ways of working, office culture and users’ needs, to come up with a spatial strategy responding exactly to the company’s model. By involving the employees in the process, we achieve a better result, but also make them feel heard, and more connected to the space and the company.


Together with staff and patients, we try to redefine the way hospitals and other healthcare institutions look and work. The goal is to rethink the services and create spaces that will make the visit smoother and more pleasant for the patient, while also making sure the staff’s needs are carefully considered.

Public Institutions

Post offices, local council buildings, universities, courts. Their spatial layouts and user journeys have been copied from one design to another for years now. We want to rethink and redefine them by working with staff and customers, to make them match the new standards of the quickly evolving society.


We feel like in the standard spatial design process, listening to the user is very much underestimated. Designers and architects very often tend to impose how the space should look and work basing solely on their experience, personal taste and precedents, following the standard design guidelines, that have been valid for years. The outcomes are often great in terms of aesthetics, but they don’t usually reflect the particular needs of the group of users the space is dedicated to. We try to develop our own collaborative design tools and methods and not only create tailored spaces ourselves, but also spread the idea of involving the users in the design process as widely as possible.


We help users understand what their needs and expectations are, and we enable them to express and formulate ideas through:







Then we blend those ideas with the client's vision and goals and with our own perspective, by adding in all the findings from our observations. And then we synthesise and translate it all into a design brief, that becomes a starting point of a new space/service, which reflects users’ needs to the fullest.

Our deliverables vary, and depend on the project. Sometimes, the final outcome would be a design and strategy brief, that describes precisely what’s expected from the space, and is then passed on to the client’s in-house architect. Other times, we would take that brief and transform it into a design ourselves. 



We are an international network of creatives from various design fields:


  • spatial/interior design and architecture

  • graphic and digital design

  • design strategies

  • industrial design

  • photography


Once we know the project’s objectives, we assemble a team with the right

mind- and skillset to be able to deal with the task on various levels. 



Anna Langier

re:ko founder

spatial design & strategies

Anna is an architect and spatial designer based in Kraków. She founded re:ko in 2020. Her experience and ideas that made re:ko happen were shaped during her work for multidisciplinary companies in different parts of the world - London-based Studio TILT (that she continues to collaborate with as re:ko), Urgent.Agency in Copenhagen and Ministry of Design in Singapore. 



Michał Maciukiewicz

re:ko collaborator

industrial design

Michal is a designer from Poland, with a super skilled eye for detail. He is a product design tutor at Krakow Art School and Krakow University of Technology, and works as a senior designer in Ergo Design. He is re:ko's expert when it comes to developing cool products or product-based systems.

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re:ko collaborators

graphic design & photography

R19 is a Kraków-based young advertising agency founded by Asia and Maciek. They work with re:ko on projects where great graphic design and/or photography skills are needed. Their key focus is to build a meaningful relationship with the consumer, and avoid visual clutter in the process.

Lena Knarr

re:ko collaborator

spatial design

Lena is a London-based spatial designer. She has extensive experience in co-design after 5 years of working for Studio TILT. In addition to her co-creation skills that are crucial when it comes to running workshops and interviews, Lena’s great taste and a trained interior design eye come in super handy when re:ko’s projects need translating into beautiful and meaningful spaces.



Madeline Lim

re:ko collaborator

UX / graphic design

Madeline is a Singapore-based designer. Prior to her current role as a UI/UX designer in an international bank, she was a graphic designer in branding and multidisciplinary companies in Singapore and London. She aims to create user-centric and holistic experiences by approaching the problem from both analytical and conceptual perspectives.




Spitfire Audio

A Playful Worskpace for a Music Startup

Studio TILT was the lead in this project, re:ko acted as an associate. Image copyrights belong to TILT.


We had a chance to work with an amazing client - a young and vibrant music company, who wanted their space to reflect their positive attitude - one that could act as a relaxed workplace during the day, and in the evening become an open place for a social exchange for people from the music industry.


During the on-site co-design workshops, we taped up the suggested spaces to give the users a better understanding of sizes and shapes, played around with post-its, used the VR to show them our initial ideas and get some feedback, and ran a few long group discussions about their expectations.


The final outcome is a simple, bright space, where organic shapes and natural materials dominate. It’s fully flexible, encourages collaboration and highlights the importance  of music as everyone’s key focus. As part of this project, we also designed desks specifically adjusted to fit their musical equipment.

re:ko people involved:

Anna Langier

Lena Knarr

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 16.02.44.png

Hiscox Insurance

Rethinking the Working Model and Company's Spatial Identity

Studio TILT is the lead in this project, re:ko acts as an associate. Image copyrights belong to TILT.


In this ongoing project, we are defining a new set of spatial guidelines for an insurance company based in the City of London, who is moving their HQ to a new landmark office tower. We have embedded ourselves in their space for a few months, to uderstand the ways of working of all the 900 employees, and we are now running a long series of workshops with representatives of all the teams, to define how their future space should be structured to fit their needs, improve wellbeing and stimulate collaboration and social interactions.


We use different sorts of tools and materials during the workshops - settings and persona play cards, workspace calculators, user experience blueprints, and many more. 

re:ko people involved:

Anna Langier

Lena Knarr

Axo 1_a copy.png

Proksy System

A Flexible Panels System for a Conscious Workspace

The project was shortlisted and presented in Amsterdam during the Agile Workspace 2.0 competition, a part of Frame Awards 2020.

The distances from objects and surfaces have a significant influence on our comfort and wellbeing. They determine whether we feel safe, focused, distracted, claustrophobic... It’s crucial to allow people to have a direct say in how their immediate environment is shaped surface-wise.


We discovered there is a lack of products on the market that would make it possible. So we decided to respond to that, by designing a system of flexible panels (including desk partitions, movable walls and floor matts), based the studies of proxemics. It offers a range of flexible surfaces, easily movable, attachable and modifiable by the users, that can be used to create different types of environments and shape a work landscape that responds to everyone’s proxemic needs.

re:ko people involved:

Anna Langier

Michał Maciukiewicz



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